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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Time crawls when you look at the calendar

Today was the 4th of July.  ( Still is, I suppose)  Though it is about 30 seconds from becoming the 5th of July!!

The 5th of July is Daisy's birthday!!

Here is Daisy when we went pumpkin picking a few years ago.  She is the small beagle, weighing in at  22 pounds.  As opposed to Reilly, who is the big beagle weighing in at 54 pounds.  But his birthday is not until August 5.  Exactly one month later.  They are both 7 this year.

Yup, days are crawling by.  

Our boy come home in 23 days!  I wonder if time is flying by for him.  It is probably doing both.  Flying one day, crawling the next.

John's vegan-ism is going pretty ok.  I am learning and educating myself as to what to feed this man.

Mind you, I have no intent on becoming vegan myself.  My daughter showed me this book she is reading about a vegetarian. But she calles herself a flexatarian.

I like that.  That is my kind of living.  Vegetarian for the most part, chicken & fish, and thankful for what is put before you when you are a guest.


I will be a flexatarian.  :)

I went tot he library and checked out loads of vegan recipe books, and the librarian told me she has been a vegan for 4 years, so if I or he have any questions, she would be happy to answer them.  

SO, I asked her " Are you crazy??!!??!"

She did not appreciate my question.  I didn't care.  Plus she didn't even answer.


Elly-bug is done.  She misses her brother so badly.  I was hoping her little sister would be here by now, what no.  Thank you USA, once again, for...well...nothing.

We still wait and hope, sooner than later.  Though at this point it is WAY later than thought.

Elly wants to go down the shore.  I think we may rent a hotel room for a night or 2 soon.  I am not particularly fond of the beach, but it is not about me.  We will wait for Samuel to come home though. He loves the shore, too.

I should go to bed.

I need to be better at posting.

PS anyone want 3 roosters??  They are big and hearty.  Healthy and organic.

They can make a wonderful dinner.

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