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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Need to Live More Simply.

I need to live more simply.  My husband is a minimalist.  I am more of a pack rat.  :(

Pray for us.

I started reading the Minimalists essay, and I love them.  My place is just way too much maintanace.  My life is too much maintanance.

STUFF is killing me.

SO, I got rid of yet more bags full of *stuff*.

I will let you know what happens.

It all started with this page.  And this page.

And though I don't think I can go this small, it inpires me!!

And let me tell you, unless it is people living their faith out radically, not much else inspires me.  Anyone can live out the 'Christian American Dream', but few live out the Biblical Christian Life.  My self included.  I am working on that, too.

ANYWAY, on another more beautiful note.  We went to VA this past weekend.
And I would like to say I got my fill of kisses, smelling that little neck, holding that little boy, rocking him, walking him, kissing him ( did I say that already?) and generally looking at him...

I didn't.

It was so hard to leave.

But such is life.

Elena with her brother in law.  :)

And she is loving hearing her daddy play.

No one, not even my oldest son could get enough kisses.

OH!  We all went, I mean both families and even my parents, down there becaue it was his dedication.

The 2 little aunts.

Dedicating him to The Lord.

CHEERS!  With soda & water.  lol

Oh how this little boy loves that shirt on his aunt.  He spent alot of time trying to eat it.

Me thinks maybe he is teething.

And now we are home.  And as I look around me, I STILL have loads of stuff I want to get rid of, and I will.  

And I will become an almost minimalist.

Slowly but surely.

And maybe then we can live IT out better, because stuff won't get in the way.

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