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Friday, December 31, 2010

Taking Stock of the year.

On examining our conscience we will easily find that during this past year we have at times lacked charity, been too easy going in our professional work ( even motherhood), grown used to certain spiritual mediocracy,and given little in the way of alms.

We have been prey to selfishness and vanity.

We have ignored the grace offered to us be the Holy Spirit.

We have been intemperate, ill-humored and stubborn in character.

We have more or less deliberately allowed ourselves to be distracted in our practices of piety...

...we have have COUNTLESS reasons in ending the year by asking GOD's forgiveness.  ~ In Conversations With GOD.

I can truly put "I" in every "we."  As I was doing my quiet time this morning, reading this, God showed me just where I need to be, just where I need to change, just what I need to do.

None of it is easy or comfortable.

But it is all good. :D

And on a different note...

Last year today, at this moment..we were on our way to CHINA!!!!

Here is John getting off the 14+ hour plane ride in Beijing. Yes, we celebrated Midnight some place flying over the North Pole.

Just a few days before :

seeing her for the very first time WITH OUR OWN EYES!!!!

Thank You GOD, for the blessings we received, both known and unknown.

GOD bless you this year, not with an easy life, but with you knowing HIS presence as you live whatever life brings you.

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Lauren said...

what a wonderful year it's been for you -- 2011 is sure to be AMAZING!!! :):)