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Sunday, August 24, 2008

4-Hing and stuff

How much do I love the 4-H Fair??  LOADS!!  We go every year, usually at least 2x.  Yes we see the same animals, and usually the same people, and shamefully sometimes ask the same questions, but that doesn't stop us from doing it again.

But this year we took Shelby with us.  We didn't take the beagles because they would up and have a heart attack from all the excitement, all the new smells, all the animals, all the food. That or they would howl the whole time.  Neither scenario appealed to anyone, so we just took Shelby-girl.

The science tent.  Samuel's favorite subject is history, but science comes a close second. Real close.  Here he is trying to make life size bubbles.

And what testosterone filled body wouldn't love to have one of these things in their possession? Even if its just to garden?

Second family picture in 2 years!!  We are never together, or if we are, we forget to just take one.  Chloe still has her apron on.  She made my birthday meal.  I turned 41 ,Thursday.  John looks like he has red hair!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA.  I shouldn't laugh, but I did.

Jersey Shore.   The color of the water was amazing for Jersey, but it was shoulder to shoulder people.   Definitely not New England. lol.

Well, we have 1 more week till school officially begins.  This week we are going to the Met, Flemington, starting Mock Trial, probably the shore one more time, and then taking a nap.  Oh, and doing laundry.  

I took the challenge.  Go check it out!!

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