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Monday, May 19, 2008


Last night, while watching the Mets/Yankees game ( in which the Mets wiped the field with the Yankees 11-2)  ( at Yankee stadium)  (trying not to rejoice to obnoxiously) ( but its not working) we saw this kid on tv that had blue lips from eating cotton candy.

I then recalled that we had rented a cotton candy making machine for Chloe's quincenera.  How much do I LOVE cotton candy???  LOADS.

Then I went and found some pictures of the day.  

It about killed her that she STILL didn't have her braces off for her party.  She got them off 3 months later.  Here she is blowing out the candles one at a time.  

She had her court in pink & mint green.  It was the theme of the party.  It was so pretty.  My dad did the blessing of the crown, and I think everyone cried.  Including my dad.  And my dad doesn't cry for nothing.  He is in the background.

It also got me thinking......... that happened almost 5 years ago.  Where, pray tell, did the time go???

I blinked.

I was reading this devotional, which was so timely.  It was about un-redeemable time. My children are growing,  2 are technically grown.  Did I show them the life they need to live, by example?  Did they see Jesus in me?  Or did they see what they thought was Jesus in me, and it ended up being just creepy old me instead?  And if they did see that one, will they know the difference.

My prayer, that I cling to because if this was not a promise from my King I would be done for.  " In my weakness YOU be strong".  Yes, I need to be a living walking example, but I will spend most of my time on my knees.  For my example will fail ever so miserably.  

But HE will not.

So, off to live for HIM.

And spend my time with them.



Thank God, we all have HIM for our example. Have a great day, The pictures were beautiful. connie from Texas

Mishel said...

Wow! What an awesome post Madeleine! I have been asking myself the same questions as my son only has one more year of school left...whew! Time flies! : )